Carlos Queiroz Wins Chess Match

I was watching the Copa America match between Argentina and Colombia and of course I can’t help but be more supportive of Colombia because of manager Carlos Queiroz.

As a diehard supporter of the Iranian national team, I got to learn a lot about Queiroz because he was manager of Iran for nearly eight years.

Queiroz did amazing things with Iran and he made the squad into an excellent defensive team.

I can’t be surprised by the 2-0 win for Colombia over Argentina because the Colombians were very disciplined and stuck to the game plan.

Some people may view Queiroz’s tactics as boring and not the most exciting for the average football fan, but Carlos Queiroz knows how to prepare for a match and does an excellent job learning about opponents.

For this edition of the Copa America, the Colombians have got to be considered as a contender because they have the firepower to score goals and their defense will only get better as long as Queiroz is calling the shots.

The win for Colombia was the perfect start to the Copa America and even though a lot of people might be surprised by the win over Argentina, I am not surprised.

My reasoning involves a comparison of the two managers: Carlos Queiroz and Lionel Scaloni.

Aside from Queiroz’s success with Iran, he also had stints with Portugal at the national and youth levels and he was once the assistant coach to Alex Ferguson.

Scaloni last played for Atalanta in 2015 and since then he was an assistant with Sevilla for one season and served as an assistant coach for Argentina for one year before becoming the official manager of Argentina.

In simple English, Carlos Queiroz is way more experienced than Scaloni and I think the Argentinian federation must look for a manager that has more experience and a better CV.

Anyway, things get easier for Colombia as the next match will take place on 19 June against Qatar.

Colombia is off to a perfect start in the Copa America, but now there will be plenty of pressure to secure three points against invitees Qatar.

Prediction: Colombia 3-0 Qatar

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