Was Nations League a Success?

When referring to the title of this blog, I am sure that it is easy to get confused. But when I ask about Nations League being a success, of course I am more so referring to the 2019 Nations League Finals.

Hosts Portugal won the first ever Nations League finals by defeating Netherlands 1-0 in the final match on 9 June.

In all honesty, the mini tournament was a success because the fans filled up the stadium and everyone was entertained by the hat-trick from Cristiano Ronaldo against Switzerland.

England and Netherlands were entertaining to watch in the other semifinal especially because the match went to extra time and nobody will ever forget the mistakes from center-back John Stones.

The final match didn’t have a lot of scoring as Portugal won 1-0 against the Netherlands. But surely the Portuguese supporters were happy to celebrate the victory.

Portugal has won two tournaments in the last three years. First Euro 2016 and now the 2019 Nations League Finals.

But in all honesty, are we really supposed to view Nations League Finals as a tournament? I do remember seeing the picture of the Portuguese players holding the trophy.

And one of my friends thinks this tournament is pointless. But the fact of the matter is that there has to be a trophy or some kind of celebration or else the fans will also think it is a waste of time.

From my point of view, I feel that Nations League is basically like the old European Championship prior to 1980.

In the old days, only four teams would qualify to the final tournament of the European Championship.

I guess I have cracked the code if somebody wants to put it this way. There already is a European Championship and now Nations League is just a mini European Championship.

Anyway, many people feel that Euro 2020 will be the last time we see Cristiano Ronaldo at a major tournament.

It is safe to say that Portugal will have a chance to win the tournament as long as Cristiano Ronaldo is on the pitch.

But I hope the next winner doesn’t win the same way Portugal won in 2016 because it was incredibly boring.

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